June 2014

Smart use of eServices app

Our eServices mobile app enables you to manage your insurance protection smartly. Check how it could help in the following case sharing:

Ms. Wong, a policy insured of the Embrace Medical Plan, suffered from abdominal pain with per rectal bleeding and epigastric pain earlier. Upon consultation, she was diagnosed as having gastritis and haemorrhoid, and was advised to undergo colonoscopy and gastroscopy procedures in the hospital.

After being briefed of the procedures and fees of the operations by a doctor, Ms. Wong worried that the respective expenses cannot be fully reimbursed under her policy. She therefore immediately logged into the FWD’s eServices app and checked the maximum surgical benefits that she is entitled to.

After reviewing the information, Ms. Wong learned that the maximum benefits that she is entitled to can only cover part of her expenses. Therefore, she decided to choose another surgeon with lower charges that can be fully covered under her policy. With such, she avoided any self-pocket medical expenses that would otherwise be incurred.

(The above is just an example for illustration.)

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