April 2014

New high-end medical protection plan

TheOne Medical Solution

Thanks to the advancement in medical technology, many terminal diseases now boast improved survival rates, thereby increasing people's life expectancy. This however, does lead to the possibility of huge medical expenses – for those who wish to enjoy high quality medical services, the cost can be astronomical. In light of this, we have launched a new high-end medical protection plan - "TheOne Medical Solution", featuring a Lifetime Limit# up to HK$100 million. This ensures that your quality of life will not be affected by unexpected high medical costs.

Product features are subject to terms and conditions. To learn more, please click here or contact your adviser.

# Lifetime Limit refers to the maximum aggregate amount of benefits payable under all insurance policies and supplemental benefits (if any) issued by FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited covering the insured during his/her lifetime, regardless whether the insurance policies are still in force.

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