April 2014

Triple success in Benchmark Wealth Management Awards

FWD won three awards in the Benchmark Wealth Management Awards 2013 including "Best-in-class – Employee Engagement – Insurance", "Best-in-class – Customer Commitment – Insurance" and "Outstanding Achiever – Social Media Engagement Award – Insurance". 


The Awards recognise financial service companies for their accomplishments in various aspects, such as financial strength, and support and service for distributors and customers. No more than three entries are awarded in each of the categories, including one "Best-in-Class" award and a maximum of two "Outstanding Achievers" awards.

Being the "Best-in-class" in Employee Engagement is a strong indicator of FWD's performance and competitiveness, as well as our staff's commitment and willingness to strive for the best at all times. The award in Customer Commitment demonstrates that our customer service initiatives lead to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Named as one of the top three companies for Social Media Engagement, this reflects FWD's capability to effectively engage with our customers through social media.

These awards encourage us to continue to strive for the best!

Click here to learn more about the awards FWD received.

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