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From the preventive stage to protection and post treatment, Crisis VCover has got you covered!

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Echoing the daring spirit of parkour, we encourage people to live without fear and proactively embrace all the challenges in life, with a strong spirit.
To overcome every obstacle, you need to be brave and have the vision to plan for every step ahead. Similarly, we need to be well prepared for unexpected risks in our health. In addition to financial protection, you deserve to be supported by a dedicated and professional team as well.
Keeping this vision in mind, Crisis VCover (the “Plan”) is designed with an aim to protect and support you from preventing diseases, getting doctor’s referral and offering critical illnesses coverage, to receiving post-treatment care and multiple crisis coverage, empowering you to move forward and reach new heights in life.

Protect all the way

  • A 700% Shield in One Single Plan

    Covers 139 major crises, serious diseases and juvenile diseases, with up to 700% of the Initial Sum Insured as Multiple Crisis Benefit.

  • Professional Health Solutions

    A dedicated health management team, THE ONEcierge One Team Health Management will always be there to support you by offering doctor referral or hospitalisation arrangement services whenever needed, while the Life Enrichment Program is also available to provide rehabilitation services such as nutritional therapy, psychological consultation and physiotherapy services for those diagnosed with specific illnesses.

  • Extra Protection Where It Matters Most

    Provides an additional benefit equal to 25% of the Initial Sum Insured for four common types of cancer, and additional 35% of the Initial Sum Insured if the insured is diagnosed with any covered major crises or passes away within the first 10 policy years

  • All-round Recovery Support

    Offers Health Supplement Benefits to cover the follow-up costs of treatment, yet prevention is better than cure, a Health Screening Benefit is offered once every two policy years, from which you can choose the most suitable health screening items and discover any possible illnesses in an early stage.

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It’s more than just protection

  • Family Care Services
    Apart from providing medical treatment, we are also concerned about the insured’s need of family care. Referral services for a wide range of family care services such as home-cleaning, Chinese soup, child caring and pet care services, amongst others, are also included in the Plan.
  • Rewarding Your Good Health
    The Plan provides Guaranteed Cash Value, and non-guaranteed Annual Dividend and Special Bonus to strengthen your reserve.

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